Fall 2023 Digital Magazine Bundle

Fall 2023 Digital Magazine Bundle

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The Crochet Foundry Fall 2023 Digital Bundle includes 3 issues of Crochet Foundry Magazine. Each issue will contain five or more fall projects ranging from garments, to accessories, to home décor! This bundle is 20% off the retail price of buying these issues individually. 

Downloads will be available in your account as they are released. Release schedule for this seasonal bundle is:

  • September issue - 9/1/23
  • October issue - 10/6/23
  • November issue - 11/3/23

*This bundle does not contain any subscription bonuses. 

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The Designs

Fluffy Tunisian Pullover by Smitha Crasta

No Slip Stitch Given Sweater by Ana-Maria Babanica

Checkered Sweater by Jess Bennett

Bishop Cardigan by Leanna Haughian

Boho Knot & Pocket Bag by Lorene Eppolite

Cozy Campfire Set by Jackie Laing

Last Best Headband by Emily Reiter