You Definitely Need This Yarn! Issue #1 Summer 2020

You Definitely Need This Yarn! Issue #1 Summer 2020

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We at Crochet Foundry believe that you should only make our designs with yarn that you will want to wear against your skin. Since our focus is on creating garments for you to add to your everyday wardrobe, we carefully selected some of the softest cotton, linen, and merino yarns that WeCrochet has to offer!

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We feel very fortunate to be partnering with our friends over at WeCrochet for each issue of Crochet Foundry Magazine, and for the Summer 2020 issue we decided to focus on yarn in the blush, sage, and grey family of colors when creating our designs. Each issue of our magazine will have it's own theme and color palette. Our hope is that this will not only create a very cohesive and beautiful magazine for you to read, but may also inspire you to try yarns and colors you may not have considered.

Keep reading for each designer's choice, along with a little snippet about why they chose that yarn for their design!

Briana - Comfy Fingering

Caladium Hexagon Cover

Living in a tropical climate, I've gotten very familiar with what type of yarn is best for those hot summer days. It can be challenging to find just the right one, and I've become picky about comfort.
In steps Comfy Fingering to save the day. A lightweight cotton softness plus breathability. What's even more exciting is the color choices, and once I saw the color Flamingo, I knew it was just right for this Florida girl.

Emily - CotLin in Sagebrush

Sagebrush Tee

CotLin is one of my favorite yarns for summer. I live in Kansas where it gets hot and humid – I need something cool and lightweight for my handmade garments. CotLin fits the bill – it’s a cotton and linen blend that feels nice and soft against my skin, with very little stretch (my shirt doesn’t get too big as the day goes by – yay!).
An added bonus is that it comes in so many colors – whatever palette you’re looking for, CotLin probably comes in a color that will fit your needs.

Lorene - Lindy Chain in Sagebrush, Gosling, and Blush

Foxglove Lace Tunic

I used Lindy Chain for my tunic design. I absolutely love this yarn for summer garments. The linen and cotton blend will keep you cool and will dry quickly if you happen to get wet at the pool or beach.

I also love that it comes in a huge variety of colors, has great stitch definition and the fabric has magnificent drape.

Katy - Swish DK in Dove Heather

Cordyline Cardigan

For my Cordyline Cardigan I used Swish DK. I've always loved this yarn as a go to for wearable projects. This yarn is lightweight and feels great against the skin. While it is Merino it's surprizingly breathable in the warmer months. I've used this yarn several times and I love how it blocks and holds up.

Pam - Lindy Chain in Blush

Camellia Sleeveless Tee

I knew right away I wanted to use Lindy Chain. I had used it a few years ago and fell absolutely in love with the feel of this cotton/linen chainette yarn. The drape is beautiful, and the stitch definition is incredible!

If you haven't tried this type of blend for summer garments, you don't know what you're missing!

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crochet foundry magazine issue #1 Fall 2020
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