Stay Tuned for a Special June Issue

Crochet Foundry was recently purchased by Jessie of Jessie At Home. We are taking a very short renovation break and will be back to publishing on the first Friday of every month in June. June's issue will show our renewed commitment to being a safe and welcoming community for all who can follow our #1 rule "be kind" - followed by rule #2 "please don't make me make any other rules".

In the meantime, check out our amazing reno bundle of every issue of Crochet Foundry through the end of 2023 at a drastically reduced price. When the reno is done, so is this bundle!

  • I love this magazine!! There's something for every lady in your life... and you get tips on how to make all the garments JUST FOR YOU, whether you need a yarn substitute, styling help, or to adjust the sizing! If you need anymore assistance, the facebook group is amazing: the designers and other crocheters are there to help and encourage you, even if the pattern is from a past issue!

    - Chrissy Misso

  • Crochet Foundry is the BEST for stunning, easy to make wearables. I have made almost all of the patterns (from the spring issue 2020 through today), and everyone who was gifted with these designs, absolutely LOVES them. Since all these designs are customizable, they fit perfectly! I would recommend this magazine/website to everyone! Thank you Ladies!

    - Julie Erb

  • I found this collective last winter and what a change it has been in my creative life for crochet! I bought the winter subscription and been making garments from the winter and spring issues since then! The patterns are beautifully written and I have been improving my skills so much since I follow the tips from the Facebook group and the designers! Long live crochet foundry!

    - Mélissa Desève

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