Meet the Team: Heather, Creative Director

Meet the Team: Heather, Creative Director

Heather Mann, Creative Director of Crochet FoundryHello Crochet Foundry Friends! Heather here! In case you haven't heard, I'm the new Creative Director at Crochet Foundry magazine. 

In honor of my first blog post about me, I'm going to interview myself.

Hi Heather, tell us a little about your background!

Hi! Thanks for having me! I have a background in crafting and crochet a mile long. I was a professional craft writer for 10 years, publishing my own websites (Dollar Store Crafts and CraftFail), as well as designing and writing craft tutorials for companies like Disney, General Mills, eBay, Hewlett-Packard, and many more. During this time, I published a book and was featured in the New York Times, Reader's Digest, and appeared on Good Morning America and the Martha Stewart Show. 

Before I came to Crochet Foundry, I was the marketing director for a yarn company in their crochet division, and I published a crochet magazine and hosted a crochet podcast.

Heather's "It's a Beautiful Day" Top WIP on a vintage RV

Well, we're glad you're here!

Me too! I love working in the craft industry and especially with yarn and crochet hooks.

Oh wait, what's this rumor that you have nine kids all about?

Well, it's kind of true! I have four biological sons, and five step-kids, and one step granddaughter (who is the same age as my youngest son). Most of the step-kids are grown ups, but our house is busy on the weekends!

Okay back to crochet. What have you accomplished at Crochet Foundry so far?

Well, keeping things running is an accomplishment, but my biggest challenge and accomplishment so far has been running the photo shoot for the June issue! Luckily I had some great collaborators in our photographers (Sarah and Valerie) and our models (Mbete and Loren), and our model-assistant hybrid, my partner Roger.

Roger modeling a scarf

What are you looking forward to here at Crochet Foundry?

Well, I've been settling in and I have to say I'm very excited about our upcoming collections this year! We have so many great designs coming up. I am beyond impressed with the many talented crochet designers we are working with in 2023.

Sidenote: Are you a crochet designer (or would you like to be)? Please visit this page to submit a design for the magazine and sign up for our designer email list where you'll be notified for all design opportunities.

Check out this month's magazine here: Crochet Foundry June

Can we be best friends?

YES! One of my favorite things is connecting with crocheters of all levels, from crochet designers to enthusiasts, so feel free to message me anytime on Instagram or email me at heather at furlscrochet dot com.

Well, Heather, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. We can't wait to talk more in the future!

Likewise, Heather. It's been great chatting with you! 

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