Crochet Designer Interview: Kelly Baum-Sehon's Lavender Chamomile "Tee"

Crochet Designer Interview: Kelly Baum-Sehon's Lavender Chamomile "Tee"

By now you know that Crochet Foundry LOVES working with all the talented crochet designers that we have the privilege to showcase in our magazine. In this Designer Interview series, we'll get to know some of this month's issue's designers. Today we're talking to Kelly Baum-Sehon, who contributed the Lavender Chamomile “Tee” in our August 2023 issue.

Kelly Baum-Sehon wearing the Lavender Chamomile Tee

What's your name and brand (if you have one): 
Kelly Baum-Sehon, Cocky Crocheter.

See our previous interview with Kelly about the Royal Regatta Sweater Vest.

What is your design for this month, and can you tell us a little bit about what inspired it?

Lavender Chamomile "Tee"; I originally designed this as a long-sleeve pullover for my husband, but then decided to convert it into a short-sleeve tee for the summer. The original was done in a coffee brown that made me think of delicious mocha, but when I converted it, I knew I had to play on the idea of "tea" and "tee". Once I figured out the color for it, which reminded me of delicious lavender-infused tea, the name practically wrote itself!

Lavender Chamomile "Tee"

What were some challenges about designing this piece? 
Oh boy were there challenges with this one. The biggest one was getting the circular yoke to be filled appropriately with the cables with all the sizes looking the same. There weren't really any repeats to the cable pattern, so I had to write out the instructions for every cable row with two different sets of increase instructions because of the different needs for different sizes, AND there were three different types of cables being made. Trying to write all of that out in a comprehensible way was a challenge for me and my tech-editor for sure.

Back of Lavender Chamomile "Tee"

What are a couple of fun facts about you?
Ooh I love these types of questions! I just always have a hard time coming up with something interesting. One thing I always trot out is that I was the first (and currently still the only) man to earn the Master of Advanced Stitches and Techniques from the Crochet Guild of America (I know, I'm so braggadocious, but I'm very proud of that achievement). Interestingly, I had to resubmit my portfolio twice because of too many errors in my work. It was so hard to do, but I did it!

Lavender Chamomile Tee

How can our readers find you?
 I am excited because I just upgraded to a new website platform. It's the same URL (, but instead of just being a place to buy patterns, I have a blog, contact form, social media links, and a place where people can apply to test patterns I'm currently designing. People can also subscribe to my YouTube ( and follow me on Instagram (@cocky_crocheter) and Facebook (


Anything else you'd like to add?
I'm currently working to build up my design portfolio and offer more patterns for people, but it's a slow process. While I may not produce a ton of patterns right now, if my followers and subscribers are patient, they will be rewarded with quality designs.

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