Crochet Designer Interview: Jane Green of Beautiful Crochet Stuff

Crochet Designer Interview: Jane Green of Beautiful Crochet Stuff

Here at Crochet Foundry, we LOVE to collaborate with so many brilliant crochet designers, and we want to shout it from the rooftops (or maybe... post it from our blog)! In this Designer Interview series, we'll get to know some of our June issue designers. Today we're talking to Jane Green, who contributed the Wild Rose Top in our June 2023 issue.

Crochet Designer Jane Green wearing the Wild Rose Crochet Top

What's your name and brand?

My name is Jane Green, and I am the founder of "Beautiful Crochet Stuff."
What is your design for this month, and can you tell us a little bit about what inspired it?
This month, my design is a delightful Crochet Wild Rose Top Pattern. As someone who adores the color pink, I sometimes hesitate to use it excessively for fear of creating an overwhelmingly pink-themed blog. However, for this particular design, I found inspiration in a tea rose bush. To bring this inspiration to life, I incorporated a classic shell stitch as a petal of the rose, complemented by charming picots for added detail and flair.
What were some challenges about designing this piece?
The initial version of this pattern posed some challenges in adjusting it to larger sizes. However, I made significant improvements in this version by implementing a straightforward and adaptable sizing system. Now, crocheters of any size can comfortably create this piece without any complications.
Wild Rose Crochet Top: Shown from the back
What are a couple of fun facts about you?
- My real name is Julia, but many people in the crochet community know me by my nickname, Jane Green. When I started my blog more than 10 years ago, I decided to use the name Jane Green on Facebook as a way to organize and save crochet diagrams, patterns, and photos. Little did I know that my Facebook audience would rapidly grow; by then, it was too late to change it. So, I've embraced the name Jane Green ever since, and it has become a fun part of my crochet journey!
-  My profession is actually a teacher of the History of Ukraine in a secondary school. However, interestingly enough, I haven't had the opportunity to work in any school just yet.
- I started learning how to crochet in school when I was 12-13 years old (more than 20 years ago). It all began with making doilies under the guidance of our teacher. As my teacher wisely said, "Who can crochet doilies will be able to crochet anything."
- Besides crochet, I enjoy painting and often find inspiration for my designs in art and nature
- As a dedicated crocheter, I absolutely adore cats and coffee :)
How can our readers find you? 
Readers can find me on Instagram (@beautifulcrochetstuff) where I share my latest designs and provide updates on upcoming projects. They can also visit my website ( to browse through my crochet patterns and get in touch with me.






Anything else you'd like to add? 
I would like to express my gratitude to the Crochet Foundry Magazine for this opportunity. It's always a pleasure to connect with fellow crochet enthusiasts and share my love for this craft. I hope my design brings joy and warmth to those who create it. Happy crocheting!
Thanks for chatting with us, Jane! We can't wait to work with you again, and we hope our readers follow you too!

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