Crochet Designer Interview: Cassie Reed-Chavez's Sands of Time Cardigan

Crochet Designer Interview: Cassie Reed-Chavez's Sands of Time Cardigan

Here at Crochet Foundry, we LOVE working with all the talented crochet designers that we have the privilege to showcase in our magazine. In this Designer Interview series, we'll get to know some of this month's issue's designers. Today we're talking to crochet designer Cassie Reed-Chavez, who contributed the Sands of Time Cardigan crochet pattern in our October 2023 issue.

Crochet Designer Cassie Reed-Chavez and her crochet design, the Sands of Time Cardigan


What's your name and brand (if you have one)?
Cassie Reed-Chavez of Sunshine Queen Fiber Arts

What is your design for this month, and can you tell us a little bit about what inspired it?
The Sands of Time Cardigan! This design has been hanging out in my head for well over a year! I fell in love with the infinity cable design and just knew it had to make it onto one of my designs. As I was working with my testers, one of them mentioned that the cabling looked a bit like a hourglass, so the Sands of Time name came about. 

Sands of Time Cardigan collage
What were some challenges about designing this piece? 
The biggest challenge for this piece (other than writing it!) was the underarm cables in conjunction with the underarm shaping. Working out how to phase the cables out with the underarm shaping for the larger sizes involved a lot of sketching and swatching. 

What are a couple of fun facts about you?
  • I’ve moved cross-country 4 times since starting college.
  • I’ve played violin since I was 8.
  • I devour books, like usually 3-4 in a week.
  • I’m a huge Minnesota Vikings (American football) fan, despite how painful it is.
How can our readers find you?
I’m on Instagram and Ravelry for any and all pattern-related things! My Etsy shop will be closing in the next month or so as I transition to a website.

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