Crochet Designer Interview: Ana-Maria Babanica's No Slip Stitch Given Sweater Crochet Pattern

Crochet Designer Interview: Ana-Maria Babanica's No Slip Stitch Given Sweater Crochet Pattern

Here at Crochet Foundry, we LOVE working with all the talented crochet designers that we have the privilege to showcase in our magazine. In this Designer Interview series, we'll get to know some of this month's issue's designers. Today we're talking to Ana-Maria Babanica, who contributed the No Slip Stitch Given Sweater crochet pattern in our September 2023 issue. 

Ana-Maria Babanica Crochet Design - No Slip Stitch Given Sweater

What's your name and brand (if you have one)

Hi! I’m Ana-Maria, the designer behind CrochetHighway. I’m known for my modern crochet designs focused on size inclusivity, a good fit, ample texture, and fun colorwork.

No Slip Stitch Given Sweater

What is your design for this month, and can you tell us a little bit about what inspired it?

The No Slip Stitch Given Sweater was born as a result of my persistent love for the faux-knit look, which in crochet is typically achieved with slip stitch work. And my lack of enthusiasm for how slow it can be to crochet a garment using mostly slip stitches.

Everything else came naturally after that. I knew I wanted it to be the ultimate cozy sweater, like a wearable blanket yet incredibly stylish. The generous amount of positive ease at the bust and arms, the high-low hem, the turtleneck – they all work together to create the perfect, wearable sweater, that will make you feel elegant, comfortable, and keep you toasty warm this fall!

No Slip Stitch Given Sweater Crochet Pattern

What were some challenges about designing this piece?

The biggest challenge was getting all the measurements right. Fortunately, we all come in different shapes and sizes, but this also means that no two bodies are the same. Sometimes, you have to spend a little bit of time before diving into the pattern, to check the finished measurements against your own body and be prepared to make any necessary adjustments. Luckily, this sweater can very easily be adjusted, and the pattern offers ample guidance on how to customize everything about it. The key is to take your measurements and decide, before you start stitching away, what, if any, changes need to be made so that the sweater will fit you like a dream.

No Slip Stitch Given Sweater Crochet Pattern - Crochet WIP

What are a couple of fun facts about you?

I taught myself to crochet in high school using YouTube tutorials, because I wanted a pretty and colorful cover to stick to my notebook. My first wearable was theoretically supposed to be a fitted beanie, in reality though it was by all means a beret. It’s been more than 10 years since and I still proudly own that beret!

How can our readers find you?

I have a monthly newsletter where I share news about my new designs. You can sign up for it on my website. I invite you to follow me on Instagram @crochethighway, where I share my day-to-day crochet shenanigans!

Anything else you'd like to add?

I believe that everything, no matter how complicated it may seem, is much easier once you break it down into its component parts. This is my philosophy in crochet and in life. You start with the building blocks, the fundamentals. These are by definition basic. Then you start adding small bits and pieces which, taken individually, are also simple. You keep going and you end up with an elaborate and complicated finished piece that has a story of its own. Only, it’s no longer that complicated, because you know its story.


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