Winter 2021 Digital Edition

Winter 2021 Digital Edition

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Our Winter 2021 issue has seven garments and four accessories! This Winter Romance theme has our designs showcasing beautiful color tones that range from dazzling pinks, deep purples, and greys.

Just like past issues, the Crochet Foundry designers have shared a little peek into their lives through recipes of quite the variety! From desserts to a mini crochet project, we hope you find something new to enjoy!

But there’s more! You’ll find several captivating articles and a select few finished projects from the Summer 2021 Crochet Along!

EARLY ACCESS: Get the Winter 21 issue before it's released to the public with a subscription. The issue will be available Friday, November 26, 2021 for purchase.

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Annual Subscription Plan 2021 - $50 per year - includes Winter 2021, Spring 2022,  Summer 2022, and Fall 2022 digital issues as well as any accompanying companion guides.

The Designs

Bonfire Snuggles Hoodie by Jessica Herr

Dulce de Coco Ruana by Dianne Hunt

Falling Snow Throw by Chelsea Obermann

Heart on Your Sleeve Pullover by Crystal Bucholz

Plush and Blush Crop Top by Michelle Moore

Snuggle Up Sweater by Alexis Hawley

Sweetheart Cloakigan by Victoria Barrett

Whimsical Cardigan Dress by Briana Kepner

Wisteria Poncho by Samantha Casale

Yuletide Throw by Torie Dell

Berry Lane Cardigan by Mary Onorati

BONUS PATTERN: Twisted Valley Hat by Lorene Eppolite

BONUS PATTERN: Twisted Valley Scarf by Lorene Eppolite