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Crochet Foundry CALs

Every quarter, a new Crochet Along is hosted in the Crochet Foundry Makes Facebook Group!

The Foundry is the place to be! There you will find crochet alongs, sneak peeks, upcoming releases, coupon codes, giveaways, and more! You can post your WIP’s and finished projects using CF designs, and questions if you’re stuck.

CAL Rules

Rule #1: Join the Crochet Foundry Makes FB Group and look for the post pinned to the top of the page. This is where you will ask questions and post your progress photos.

Rule #2: Share your photos and progress as follows:

  • Share your own pictures of your gauge swatch and materials in the comments of the Part 1 photo. Not sure about gauge swatches? No problem! Check out our quick Gauge Swatch tutorial below.
  • Share progress pics in the applicable pinned posts.
  • Share your own pictures of your completed project(s). One comment per finished project! Each comment/completed item equals 1 entry.

Rule #3: Get INVOLVED in this community! We’re here to have fun, get inspired, share our progress, and have the Crochet Foundry Team right beside you while working on a project together! Please feel free to ask us questions anytime.

Rule #4: Enter to WIN a prize! Check the official threads throughout the FB Group page and post your projects according to the post instructions. At the conclusion of this challenge, we will randomly choose one participant to win! Make sure your projects are added correctly in Ravelry and in the Finished Projects Post in the group. Just click on the specific pattern you are working to add your project

Grab Your Materials


Make sure you have the Spring 2021 issue.

Get your copy of Issue #4 of Crochet Foundry digital magazine! Use coupon code spring21cal for 20% off.

We designed the patterns in the Spring 2021 issue using a selection of yarns in lace to DK weights! Check out WeCrochet for an exclusive coupon code to use on your yarn. BONUS! We also included a list of alternatives in the magazine itself!


For the Fall 2020 issue we designed each pattern using a Furls Odyssey Crochet hook. Use code Foundry20 to get 20% off your Furls Crochet order!

Gauge Swatch

A gauge swatch is used to determine whether or not the yarn and hook you chose will allow you to match the designer's tension for the pattern you will be working.

How to make a swatch

For an example, we will pretend the designer calls for this gauge: 12hdc and 10 rows = 4"x4".

For the most accurate swatch, you will want to chain at least 17, then hdc in the second chain from your hook and across, leaving you with 16 stitches.

The reason for this is that the beginning and end of each row is often a little wonky. Tension can change when turning rows, and the middle of the row will have the most even tension. So skip the first and last two stitches when measuring your swatch by adding a few on either end.

Then you will chain, turn, and hdc across. You will repeat the hdc rows until your swatch is over 4" in length.

How to measure your swatch

Next, you will take a ruler, or a gauge swatch tool, like the one shown below from WeCrochet. Measure 16 stitches, and 10 rows.

If your swatch has too many stitches, you will want to go up a hook size, and try again.

If your swatch has too few stitches, you will want to go down a hook size, and try again.

Height also matters, unless otherwise stated. If you find you have the correct number of stitches in the row, but not enough, or too many rows in your swatch, you may want to try adjust your tension by pulling up the loops on your hook a little more, or a little less. If this doesn't take care of the problem, you may want to try a different style of hook, or yarn.

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